Creativity is the backbone to a business’s growth and sustainability in the marketplace. Without creativity, entrepreneurs & business owners can’t differentiate their businesses from many others in the marketplace. They fail to recognise or develop new business opportunities that can accelerate their success.

Here are 4 tips on how to get the creative spirit flowing in both your brain and your business.

1) Minimise Distractions

boss-fight-free-high-quality-stock-images-photos-photography-glasses-music-pen-960x640Distractions can actually be great for creative thinking as they can stimulate your mind and give you opportunities to come up with new and original ideas. However, if you can’t control yourself and allow distractions to take over your thinking, it will only lead to unfocused and unproductive thoughts.

The key to work with distractions to boost creative thinking is to carefully select the things you allow to distract you & put strict limits on them (i.e. time limits, deadlines). This way, your creativity will be nurtured instead of being taken over completely by a million other things.

2) Set Time Out For Quiet Contemplation

photo-1446475157725-e6dada23994eInnovation can’t come from a constantly busy mind. Studies have shown that creative thinking is often best done in private and through quiet contemplation. Regular quiet time for your mind enables you to access to the infinite field of creativity and draw results from it. This can’t be done if you are in a chronic state of stress or worry.

Let the creative stream flow into your mind by devoting some time each day for quiet contemplation or meditation. This will help to relax your mind and make it easier for you to engage into a creative state of mind. As you practice this from time to time, it can also help make creative thinking a habit, and you can shift into creative mode much quicker.

3) Choose The Right Location

The environment in which a person operate can either stimulate or discourage creativity. Pay attention to where you work and make changes if you think it’s hindering your ability to think creatively.

If you happen to find places that you think are good for your creative thinking process, try to spend more time there. Different people will have a different place where their mind can be the most creative, so just keep trying many places to find at least one where you feel like your mind can perform the best.

4) Promote A Creative Culture Within Your Business

boss-fight-stock-images-photos-free-photography-67-960x636Your business can’t thrive if you are the only one in it who thinks creatively. Find ways to establish a creative culture in your business to maximise the number of creative inputs and attract the right talents. Some of the things you can do are:

  • Build an open and inspiring workspace
  • Reward risk-taking actions
  • Encourage disagreement
  • Etc.

If you’re a business owners or entrepreneurs who are looking for advice & support to boost your creativity and improve your business’s strategic plan, talk to Maverick Mentoring today. We are committed to the quest of helping you to unleash your full capability to achieve your goals & become exceptional.


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