Maverick Mentoring For Business Referral plan, for strategically building your business.Word of mouth is a powerful communication medium that you can use in your marketing plan. It is so powerful that some even consider it a determinant of success of a business.

Marketing experts said that once you are able to maximise the potential of word of mouth marketing for your products & services, widespread success is almost 100% within the grasp of your hand.

On average, one piece of news or information from one person, regardless if it’s a positive or a negative one, can be spread to nine other people.

Let’s say that that one person is a dissatisfied customer of your business – can you even imagine the magnitude of the damage a bad review by that one person can do to your brand image? Negativity literally travel far and wide, which is why I think it is absolute important that brands and businesses need to do all it takes to keep customers happy and satisfied.

Want more sales? Crave success? Start treating your customers with utmost respect and care, making sure that they are always satisfied with the service they received from the business.

One delighted customer will share about their experiences with nine others and refer your firm to them, who will in turn pass on the good news to more people. If you can establish a solid customer service strategy and please all customers that come into your business, this will consequently lead to the creation of a superb looping chain of referrals that can bring in even more customers in the future.

One tip for you to increase the amount of customer referrals of your business: try to ask for referrals at the successful close of a sale, when customers are usually accompanied by an emotional high and willing to give some help back to the business. Remember to follow-up after the sale as post-purchase can also be a critical time to gather more referrals.

Once you’ve acquired the referral, drop a note or call the referrer thanking them for their recommendation and reassure them that your business will treat their friends with utmost respect and care. To make it even better, after you’ve provided your service to the referral, contact your original customer to thank them again and report the results. Repeat this step with every customer of yours and you will soon receive plenty of repeat business and further referrals.

Word of mouth is important to the success of a business, regardless of its size or the products & services the business provide to their customers. In order to generate positive word of mouth and boost their brand image, businesses should pay close attention to their customer service strategy.

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