Are you someone who can’t wait to start your own business and become an Entrepreneur?

Do you have a dream of being an Entrepreneur but scared to actually go forward with your dream because of what people say about what it “really” takes to become an Entrepreneur and you afraid you don’t have all those qualities?


There are so many myths & misconceptions surrounding Entrepreneurship.  These mislead people about what it’s like to engage in it and who the Entrepreneur is supposed to be.

I’ve talked about this in last week’s blog, and in this blog I give you 3 more Entrepreneurial Myths that need to be debunked.

So lets get into it…..

1) Bigger Risk = Bigger Reward

This is the idea of a gambler, not necessarily of an entrepreneur. A good entrepreneur knows that not ALL high-risk situations produce great rewards – only some of them really do. Entrepreneurs are calculated risk-takers and would not blindly get themselves into something risky that they have no control over the outcomes.

2) Entrepreneurship Is Only For The Young

Age is nothing but a number. Entrepreneurship can start at any age, as long as you have the passion for it.

Your chance of success is not, and will never be, limited by your age.

Don’t let the media fool you into believing that only the young like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook or Jack Dorsey of Twitter are eligible for entrepreneurial success.

Statistics have shown that older people are more likely to be successful with entrepreneurship. This is because older people have something that the young don’t: Experience. If you go into the industry that you’ve worked for many years, it’s obvious that your understanding of the business will be way ahead of those youngsters who step into it for the first time.

One more thing: young entrepreneurs are mostly active in the technology sector – the industry that needs young innovative minds to lead it. Have you ever think about the other industries that you can excel at more than them?

3) Entrepreneurship Can’t Be Taught

This depends on your definition of teaching. If you only refer to the teaching inside classrooms, obviously it would not be enough because what you learn is quantified & certain while the real world is not like that at all. However, if you can combine the teachings you receive in a classroom about entrepreneurship with the skills that you obtained through real life situations, that’s when you have the perfect recipe for a successful entrepreneur.

An experienced business mentor like Maverick Mentoring is who entrepreneurs need to help them with this. The mentor can transfer the insights & experiences they have over the years in the real world to the entrepreneur, helping them to apply effectively what they’ve learned in school & develop the life skills needed for them to survive in the ruthless world of entrepreneurship.

Starting a business can be difficult, and you don’t have to do it on your own.

Contact Maverick Mentoring today to know more about how we can help you with your entrepreneurial idea. It would be our pleasure to help you & your business succeed.

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