There are various Types of Membership available for you to experience:


Inner Circle

Resources for Members and Clients who are experiencing Growth and Accelerated growth in their Business


  • Client Profile
  • Business Audit
  • Session Review
  • Session Preparation
  • Pre-Meeting Diagnostic for a New Venture


  • Questionnaire for Management
  • Leadership Coaching Self-Awareness Audit
  • Leadership Self-Awareness Profile

Business Accelerator

The BUSINESS ACCELERATOR Membership is for those who are starting out in Business and need a Kick start in getting the plans moving in a quick low cost way to ensure you have the essentials right.The program is for three months with all the essentials you need listed below.

You will have all this and more when you have completed the program:

  • Developing Your Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • The Keys to Success
  • Planning for Business Success
  • Business Plan
  • Goals setting
  • Vision for Success
  • Systems and Procedures
  • Business Name registered
  • ABN registered
  • Marketing Plan
  • Psychology for Successful Marketing
  • Know your Ideal client
  • Business Accelerator Program:-
  • “Turn Prospects into Raving Fans”


Resources for Clients who are in the Platinum Program for Accelerated Business growth. New resources are continually added to propel your business forward.



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