Time Management Mastery

Everything you have heard about Time Management is wrong. It is not about getting the latest computer or having the latest program or having the latest fad that will make you do more in a day.

The thing that most people who suffer from overwhelming often ask themselves is “What do I have to do?” while the thing they should have asked themselves in the first place should be “What do I want?”.

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Time Management Mastery
course details:


Learning outcomes

Goal Setting

Developing a Mindset for Good Time Management

Getting yourself organized

Know your priorities

FREE Bonus – e-Class

Developing Habits for Time Management

Effective Decision Making

Multi Task Jobs

Sorting out the Time Wasters

Overcoming Procrastination

Dealing with Others and Saving Time

Making the Most of the Year

Free Bonus Subscription – “Fact and Hot Tip Sheet”

These are emailed out each fortnight for one year.

Handy tips for Time Management

Articles and relevant information to keep each participant up to date and with a mindset for Time Management Mastery

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise the consequences of ineffective time management
  • Identify what prevents you from being an effective time manager
  • Discover some of your notions, opinions and concerns about time management
  • Understand the difference between urgent and important tasks, and use it to prioritise and plan your time
  • Identify strategies to effectively schedule your time

This program is Unique in its concept and delivery of Time Management Mastery.


  • VIP Access to a One-Day Workshop
  • Eleven Part e-Class series
  • Free Bonus Subscription to the fortnightly Fact and Hot Tip Sheet for Time Management

This program has been designed to give maximum exposure to the concept of Time Management and the time frame in which old habits can be replaced with new ones.

To ensure you get the most out of this course it has been designed so that the process of learning is continued through the year with various methods employed for learning and practise.

The key component of the course is the focus on developing your goals and mindset for Time Management. The aim of the training is to impact you and your staff to cause a positive long lasting change in your life.


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