Every entrepreneur and business owner knows how difficult it can be to make a break and get noticed in the market nowadays.

Getting People To Talk About Your BusinessTimes have changed, consumers have become much tougher and more stubborn than before, and traditional marketing tactics don’t seem to work that well on changing their opinions anymore. Furthermore, business competition has never been fiercer as more and more companies are pouring into the market, making it even harder to capture the attention of consumers.

If a business can’t manage to make a statement in the market and get people to talk about them and their product or services, they are destined for bankruptcy.

So how can a business achieve their goals and avoid an unfortunate end in the modern marketplace? The answer: create Disruption in the market by giving consumers Innovative solutions for their problems.

Most companies these days, even though they know that it’s no good for them, still prefer to conduct business the traditional way. It’s easy to understand: there are too much risks involved, and it’s very difficult to just throw out everything they know to pursue a new direction. However, bringing innovation into an organisation is something that must be done to ensure the sustainability of a business in the market.

Hanging onto one thing that you are the best at doesn’t always mean it’s a good thing.

Take a look at Kodak.

Kodak_logo_1987.svgThey were the best at what they do, which is film photography, and they decided to stick with it. The result is that they went from being the fourth most valuable brand worldwide to bankruptcy in less than 20 years.

The reason for their demise was that the people ceased to buy film and turn to digital photography because it’s much easier to use, and Kodak failed to cope with this new purchasing behaviour of consumers. The company provided no new innovation that can satisfy the need of consumers, and the consumers in turn stop talking about them because they have become irrelevant and obsolete.

If you don’t want your business to end up the same as Kodak, it’s crucial that you must be willing to shift or even completely change your business’s infrastructure to always on the move to cause market disruption with innovation. This is the only way you are going to get people to talk about your brand and business, and stay in the market for a long time.

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