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MASTERMIND BUSINESS GROUP – 12 Month MasterMind Program

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Be Successful On Purpose

We are running a  MasterMind Business Group where business people form a collaborative group and share their ideas whilst being guided by us, and other experienced and well credentialed people we invite to present. This is open to all businesses, it can be Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and so on.

It is limited to 10 members per group; runs for 12 months, meeting once a month. You will have member only access to online resources and tools, plus phone/email/Skype time with us to supplement and support the learning from the group sessions.

At a high level we cover The WHY, the WHAT and the HOW of running a hugely successful business operation. Breaking this down we cover The Vision, The Financials, The Clients, The Processes, The Resources, exploring each topic thoroughly and insuring that each participant takes away immediately useful strategies, aligned with their problem/issue – not out of the box solutions, but tailored by us, and by the group, to fit each member.

This is what we have found to be very powerful – utilizing the knowledge of many and focusing it on the issue of oneAt the end of the program you will have: · A clear picture of your vision, that has been tested and validated, including clear 5 year, 3 year and 12 month objectives·

A complete understanding of your perfect client, the numbers you need to attract, how you attract them and who/what you need to help you do so· An easy to use, tested and tailored operational plan that makes sure every piece of work you bust your balls doing is actually achieving what you need it to – and the same for your staff·

An extended network simply through the relationship built with your fellow group members, and us and most importantly, a clear path to your vision

  • 12-Month MasterMind Business Group
  • Resources for Clients who are in the MasterMind Business Group
  • New resources are continually added to propel your business forward
  • You will have all this and more when you have completed the program
    • Marketing Plan
    • Psychology for Successful Marketing
    • Business Accelerator Program – “Turn Prospects into Raving Fans”
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