Focus with Business Coaching

Have you ever had one of those days when you seem busy but nothing seems to be done? I am having one today,even though I know the solution, it  still happens. This is because what we need to do to createchange in our lives is not a one-time event… we all need to remind ourselves constantly of the standards we want to achieve

“Focus on problems you’ll have more problems. When you focus on possibilities, you’ll have more possibilities.  Dream. Wish. Make it happen.”     Unknown

To maximise your day:

  • Create a priority list for your entire week.
  • Divide it into areas of your life, to create balance
  • Diarise the things that must happen
  • Focus on diarising the things that don’t involve meetings…they can often be the first to get missed!
  • Revisit your priorities daily to check you are on track
  • Make sure what you prioritise will get you the long-term results you want

Whether you are an Olympic athlete going for Gold, a golfer determined to improve your game, an up-and-coming entrepreneur wanting to launch a new business, or an individual motivated to lose weight, you’ve heard that when you focus your efforts on a specific outcome—a goal— you have a greater chance to bring it to fruition.

When setting the outcome, Stephen Covey says: “Begin with the end in mind” Decide what you want and believe that you will get it. This first step of knowing your outcome will help you make a great impression. Once you decide, it will change your character and you will walk taller.  Have them think about what they want and then take action!

Unexpected circumstances can be thrown at you, but what is the thing that counts most in these situations? What counts most is how you react to what happens to you, especially when you have unexpected problems of any kind.

What we focus on is what we get. And what we focus on is what we get to the exclusion of everything else.

What you search for is what you will find. If you focus on what you fear, you will only see fear. Focusing on your strengths is always to your benefit. What many people do is focus on what will be difficult within their business or how they might fail, so they don’t even attempt anything. This is such a limiting way to run your Business, because it ensures they will only attempt the things they are sure they can do.

One thing that is worth noting is that when you shift your focus you may see changes in your focus immediately. You may continue to see some of the old results you no longer want. Just as in life, there can be a lag time between when you shift your focus and when your life catches up.

Now have a go now at answering these questions:

  1. Does choosing to accept this information as true enable you to build your Business?
  2. Does choosing to accept this information give you more empowering focus for your Business?
  3. Does this information give you a powerful tool for transforming your Business?

If you answered yes, I acknowledge you, because this one bit of information about Focus has the power to transform your Business.

When you focus on the goals you have for the business and the way to implement them, now you can control and influence their outcome enabling you to feel confident and empowered.

Do you have the Vision for success that you need to achieve your goals? Now is the time for you and I to get connected to ensure you have the Success and Lifestyle you are working towards.

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Peter Blasch