Business BuildingOver the last 3 weeks, Maverick Marketing for Business has given you tips based on our Client Attraction Matrix to help you with your business’s Client Attraction process. For the final Client Attraction  of our series, we put the focus back on customer relationship building.

It is difficult to capture the hearts of consumers in this age of fierce competition. Business owners must prioritize their task of finding and establishing Strategies and Tactics for their Business to stand apart from their competitors in the marketplace in order to achieve success.

Below are the 5 golden rules that businesses should remember when trying to establish relationships with potential customers.

  1. 80/20 rule

It is certain that not all the people who come to request information from your business will buy something from you. Only 20% of those who ask will actually do something. The sooner you can accept that fact, the better you will be. Be okay with it and provide the best contents possible whenever asked.

  1. 100 days

Establish a sequence of actions for 100 days. This will help you to build up the trust between you and the customer.

  1. Balanced diet

Make sure that the content your business provides to potential customers is always of the highest quality, both useful and meaningful. Bad contents will not only damage the relationship between your Business and the customers, but also damage the reputation of your Brand.

The contents should also stir up emotions, motivate and encourage the prospects to take some form of action, for example to connect with you for more conversation or purchase from you.

  1. Louvre phenomenon

Just like in a museum, the business should provide information for the potential customers progressively. Start with the basics and move up to advanced things later on. Being given too much information in an illogical order or at once might confuse the customers and prompt unwanted actions towards the business.

  1. Metrics

Be sure to have some kind of metrics to evaluate the business’s relationship building process. Features such as open rates, click through’s, numbers of like, comments or tweets all need to be measured and considered in order to develop an even better customer relationship building system.

There is no guarantee that the customers you attract to the business will stay with you forever. However, building relationship with those prospects should also be considered as equally important as customer attraction for the business in order to achieve success.

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