CollaborationGoal setting, this the one term that can make people cringe at its very mention. The fact is Goal Setting works. The reason people don’t get it is they are doing it the wrong way. Goal setting works and is an important component of the Law of Expectations.

Hoping, wishing and trying are words potentially used by most people every day with respect to their dreams and goals. Do you find yourself using these words on a common basis? If so, do they motivate you to achieve your goals or are they disempowering?

If you are not getting the successes you want, it’s probably because words like trying, wishing and hoping do not inspire you to commit to your goals. Maverick Mentoring conducts Quarterly Goal setting session to move you from Inertia to Action

Brian Tracy says: “Lack of clarity is more responsible for frustration and underachievement than any other single factor. Success is goals and all else is commentary.”

You could even say that the key to high achievement is Clarity, with regard to your goals. Your success will be determined by how clear you are about what you want to achieve in your Business.

By having clear goals it increases the future expectations people have for themselves. By visualizing themselves achieving their goals makes the achievement of those very goals more tangible.

Each quarter it is time to assess your progress and growth. Are you taking Action or caught in a moment of Inertia. 

For goal setting and achievement to be powerful they must have in them the power to stretch and inspire. They must be set as realistic in the mind of the person being persuaded. The goals that set dictate the future performance for the person. When goals set they then influence the overall performance of the person.

Let me ask you a couple of questions… and remember that it is the answer to the question that determines what results you are getting in your business and of course…your life!

  1. What one thought, if you changed it today… would grow your business to the next level NOW.
  2. It is the thoughts that you put in your mind that create the results in your life.
  3. You must set GOALS to know what you are working towards…You must list the activities that you need to do on a daily basis that are going to achieve the goal.

Do the activity then cross it off your list! Here’s the question… Have you written down your 1,2,3… goals? If not… DO IT TODAY!
Have you listed your activities that are going to get you to your goals? If not… DO IT TODA Y!

If you are doing both of these actions the next question is… Are you achieving your goals?

If not… WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM… and answer it honestly because it is in being honest with yourself and knowing your own truth that is one very important key to your ultimate success.


Now is the time to BOOK you Place for a Goal Setting Strategy Session. It is the GREEN BOOKING PAGE link on the Bottom Left of the website.

Start the Conversation and Improve your results.

Cheers, Peter

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