14485059353_c55eb97812_oBehind every successful business is a great team, no matter if it consists of only 2 or more than a hundred people. Therefore, it’s important that entrepreneurs & business owners must know how to create & manage a perfect team, keeping them happy so they can thrive in the business and contribute to eventual success of the whole organisation.





Here are 4 keys on how to effectively manage a terrific team:

  1. Form Clearly Defined Boundaries & Guidelines

There must be a guide indicate clearly what should/must not be done to ensure the efficiency & effectiveness of the whole team. Gather your team and ask for their opinions and feedback on non-negotiable terms that apply to every team member. Supervise & manage these terms closely & consistently, and make sure every violations is inspected & corrected in time.

  1. Establish A Game Plan

A solid team strategy worked out in advance is needed to ensure a certain desired level of productivity from the whole team. Make sure everyone knows their role, what is expected of them, and how their performance will be administered. Ensure all communication patterns are well-developed, and all procedures are developed to support the team’s approach. Provide training and guidance for everyone, and give them the freedom to use their own initiative.

  1. Learn From Mistakes

If any mistakes & errors happen, whether it’s the team’s fault or an individual’s fault, examine them without any personal bias or attack to enable team members to learn from experiences.

  1. Work As A Team

Try to encourage the generation of new ideas from the interaction between all team members. Reward innovative risks and give credit & proper action plans to good ideas. Make sure that your team’s harmony is continuously nurtured through mutual pride, respect, and trust.

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