Strategic Thinking with Maverick MentoringHere we are almost half way through the year. Maverick Mentoring for Business will continue with our series of Blogs on Goal Setting and Planning. Business Success is essential for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners alike. It is the reason you started the enterprise. To give you the Lifestyle you were dreaming of and hoping for.

They will consist of knowledge and tips to help you stay focused, be strategic and committed to the success of your business.

Question: “Do any of your New Year resolutions relate to your business?

You need to be challenging the Norms and Succeed with Strategic Thinking & Planning

There are many things you can do and change this year to ensure the success of your business. Today’s topic will focus on you and how your mind should work to lead your business to substantial growth through strategic thinking and planning.

A Strategic Thinker

Being strategic doesn’t solely mean that you should always have a plan on your mind. Strategic thinkers are the ones that always have the intention of looking at things from different perspectives, it is all about searching for the unusual in things around them.

These characteristics will in turn enable them to set groundless assumptions aside and resist the urge to let a decision dictate or forecast their future decisions. A strategic thinker’s mind can find the key to problems faster and easier, and is able to create clarity out of complex and seemingly disconnected details.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking is the process of understanding the fundamental drivers of a Business and carefully (and playfully) challenging conventional thinking about them. This is done through provocative and creative discussions among the board and management of a Business. This process takes into account both internal factors (Products and Offerings) and external factors (Markets, Clients/Customers, Competitors, Suppliers) of the business.

The results from Strategic Thinking will be incorporated and implemented in Strategic Planning for the Business. Without Strategic Thinking, it is almost impossible to define and develop unique potential opportunities to create values for the Business. The process also helps entrepreneurs with the prioritization of duties and projects to get better results from their organization.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning, by definition, is “a structured process of thinking about and writing down where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there”. A good strategic plan will show you exactly what you need to do to get from your current position in terms of Mission, Programs, Procedures, People, etc. to the dream position your Business want to be in.

Strategic Planning, when done well, will provide a business with a competitive advantage. It will ensure the most effective utilization of the Business’s resources in a defined time frame via the identification and establishment of realistic goals and objectives that are consistently tied with the Business’s Vision and Mission.

What should you do now?

A good strategic plan can help you to get from A to Z in terms of success more effectively and in a shorter time. We recommend that you should take on Strategic Thinking as a continual habit and exercise with Strategic Planning as often as you can to achieve the best result.

If you have any question or need any help implementing Strategic Thinking and Planning, contact Maverick Mentoring for Business for a Free one-on-one Consultation.

It would be our pleasure to help you to achieve your goals and be successful.

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