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In this the third instalment of Maverick Mentoring’s tetralogy on Client Attraction, we provide an explanation on why businesses should have Lead Baits and give some important elements that a good Lead Bait should have. The strategies you use in your Marketing Strategy to build your business are crucial. Your connection with your client will determine the volumes of Sales you have and how many repeat sales you can get as well.

It’s true to say that it’s not the business owner that pay’s the wages for the staffs but rather the customers. Without sales and profit gained from selling products and services to customers, there is no possible way for a business to survive in the marketplace. Therefore, attracting more customers to the business should be on the top of every business owner’s to-do list.

Below are 5 more criteria that business owners should look into and include in their lead bait to lure even more customer to their business.

  1. A Relatively Short Wait For Gratification

Obviously, it’s best if it can come instantly but since gratification can’t always come instantly, a short time frame can also build up buyer desire for your product or service. Remember that the time frame should relate to the product e.g. a weight loss program needs to promise results in 30 days or less.

  1. A Seductive Name

Make things clearer and more interesting. The name of the lead bait should describe the benefits customer will receive from the offer instead of just stating what the business offer. For example, a spa should offer something like “A tranquil and reinvigorating experience for the mind and body” instead of a bland “hair & body treatments”.

  1. Special Price Presentation (SPP) Formula

When you are discounting or price reducing it is good to let the customer see the full benefit you are delivering to them.

  1. Only One Product/Service Offer With A Clear Call To Action

The human brain can’t process lots of information simultaneously. Therefore, if your offer contained a bunch of info, the brain of the customer will go “Let’s think about that later” as soon as it comes into contact with the offer. Make your offer and call to action as clear as possible and your chance of attracting the customers will be much higher.

  1. A Note For “Initial Consult” Type Lead Bait

This type of offer should answer some questions that prospects might have, for example:

  • The time the consult will take – the shorter the better
  • The exact take away benefits
  • Any other relevant questions: waiting time, parking, etc.

The more of the above elements you can incorporate into your lead bait the better. However, remember that most things are at their best with moderation. Don’t fire up your customers’ brain with an overdose of information.

Cheers, Peter

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