Mahatma Gandi - Maverick Mentoring for BusinessMahatma Gandhi once said “There is more to life than increase its speed”. How great would it be if we can shorten our working times to enjoy life with more leisure? Even though that might sounds like a dream, it can totally be achieved through good Time Management. Business Coaching is the key to getting more Time and more done in your day.

There is no secret to good Time Management. It’s just that the people who achieve more than you organize their priorities a little bit different. They set priorities based on what need to be done to get to their goals the fastest and left out the unnecessary frills. Thus, they do less but gain more.

It has been proven that most high-achievers are persistent and continuous planners. With a little dedication and careful planning, you can achieve more than others in the same amount of time, in terms of productivity, effectiveness and efficiency.

Then, the only thing that could come sooner than you expect is your laid-back, stress-free vacation in the Bahamas. If you are already dreaming of those gently waves of the sea and the taste of the Mojito, it’s time to get organized!

Listed below are three key steps you should take to improve your Time Management skills and getting more done in less time.

  1. Set your goals effectively

Nothing can work without a goal, and so do priority. It doesn’t matter if your goal is business-related or not, you must have one in order to proceed. Be precise with what you want, but remember that the goal needs to be something that is digestible by your brain e.g. “I don’t want to die”, “I don’t want to go broke” are bad examples for goals, as your unconscious brain can’t process a negative expression and will instead focus on “die” and “go broke”. Setting up a deadline for completion or achievement is also needed for better prioritization. Last but not least, make your goal personal. While it’s possible that you can set goals with other people, there is absolutely no point in setting goals for them. Take responsibilities over your own goals and set your priorities to achieve them as soon as possible.

  1. Create a plan of action

After deciding what you should prioritize, it’s time to make a proper plan. Lay out steps that you must take to get to your goals in order and break all the big pieces into smaller pieces in the order in which they must be tackled. Remember to attach time frames and deadlines to each of them. Lastly, don’t forget leave some places in your plan, ideally 40% of your available time, for unexpected circumstances.

  1. Commit to achieving your goal

This is where most of us fail. Committing to something is not an easy feat, but once you’ve done it, the end result is going to worth all the hardships. Some tips for a better keeping commitments process are:

  • Tell other people about your commitment to achieving your goal (now you’re going to look silly if you don’t do the things that would lead you to achieve it).
  • Put rewards in place for yourself at different milestones in your plan, starting with small rewards early on and graduating to bigger rewards, as you get closer to achieving your goal.
  • Write your goals out and look at them and repeat them often to continue reprogramming your brain.

Following these steps accordingly, and soon you’ll find yourself doing less stuffs in less time but still able to achieve more with less stress and more energy. That trip to Bahamas is closer than ever!

If you are still struggling with getting organized or need help improving your Time Management skills, contact Maverick Mentoring for Business for your One-on-One consultation. It would be our pleasure to help you to achieve your goals and be successful.