Money enables people to purchase properties, vehicles, clothing, food, and many other good things in life. Whether you are an Entrepreneur or a Business Owner, money is not a bad thing to have a lot of.

The thing about money is that it tends to flow towards those who can use it in the most productive way. It is to produce valuable goods and services for those who can invest it to create employment and opportunities that benefit others.

Question: “So do you know how to use money correctly?”

Money! Is It Good or Bad?Here are 4 tips you can apply immediately to improve your attitude towards money

1) The Feeling of “Enough”

In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, “deficiency needs” are the needs that when met, affect little to a person’s feelings, but will make them feel anxious if they are not met. This means that whatever belongs to this kind of need can only motivate a person when they feel that they don’t have enough of it.

Money is identified as a “deficiency need” for a normal human being, and follow the same principle stated above. Money can only be a motivator for you when you feel that you don’t have enough of it. So, do you feel that you have enough money for now?

2) Establish Your Attitude Towards Money

The attitude you have towards money will affect the way it can influence your thinking, feelings, and actions. It’s very easy for money to become an obsession for you when you think you have too little of it.

Your emotional life will be heavily influenced by this fact, which could potentially drive you to act & behave negatively. Money problems are usually the primary cause for business failure, destruction of friendships, and many psychosomatic illnesses. My advice is try to stay neutral with your attitude, and don’t let it get too much to your head.

3) Face The Reality

According to Freudian psychology & psychoanalysis, the Reality Principle is the ability of one’s mind to assess the reality of the external world, and to act upon it accordingly. To put it another way: “you must deal with life as it is, not as how you wish it were, or could be”.

The Reality Principle can be applied really well to money matters. Many people currently live with partial self-delusion in regard to money. With full knowing that their money dreams have a very low chance to become a reality, they still hope, wish, and pray about it every single day. The consequence of this is that, while they are busy thinking about the impossible things about money, they forgot about other real matters that needed to be done, and end up with many financial problems.

Therefore, don’t let yourself get lost in thoughts about money; put your focus on the reality at hand instead.

4) Conquer Built-In Beliefs

There is this absurd & obsolete deep-seated belief about money that I dislike: “Money is wrong, and people who have lots of it are innately evil”. Of course, this belief stems from absolutely nothing, and is definitely not based on any factual foundation. Don’t let these ridiculous doctrines or ideas prevent you from moving forward with your business so you can achieve more money & success.

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