Position your brand in the marketplace

Market position is everything. Positioning in the Market place is not about the size of the Business. It is about the impact you are making in the marketplace. Increasing your client list is crucial. Business growth is being clear about your message. This is your opportunity to be the Maverick in the marketplace. To zig when everyone else is zagging.

Your message is the products and services that you are providing for your clients’.

To put it simply, be remarkable. Let me explain it this way to you. You would of noticed birds that fly in the V formation, they have a leader that breaks the wind resistance so the birds that are following can fly far more efficiently. What a lot of people think is that they could wait for a leader to turn up and then they can rush in and copy what is going on. If you look carefully, the lead bird is always changing every few minutes. Then a bird from the back of the flock comes up and takes the lead giving the previous leader a chance to move to the back and have a break.

To be the leader it is not about an individual product, it is about the style the business operates in and the culture they create for the client. What is the experience you are providing that sets you apart as a leader in your field? Are you positioned for constant change and realignment?

A market leader is the one who brings client’s together, in a way they are forming a tribe of people who are yearning for what you have. A market leader breaks the status quo, the market leader is the Maverick, and the Maverick is the one who says what is important.

Your client’s perception of you and your Business is their reality and will determine their buying behaviour with you. That means, the way your client thinks about your business, talks about your business, and feels about your business and even describes your business to others will determine what they do in relation to your and what they will purchase from you.

Do you position your business to get or to give? What is it you are chasing? The energy we spend in looking and hunting down clients relates to a lot of work and our focus is on getting; getting the bottom line up, getting more clients, getting more cash out of them.

When our focus is on what we Value in Business these are the questions that will follow: –

  • Why do we give to our clients?
  • What are we giving to them?
  • What is the experience we want our client’s to have with us and our business?

That is moving beyond us. Being philanthropic, when you follow this it is about turning the Value proposition around. What are the expectations your clients have, what are the expectations that people have in the marketplace for your industry?

Now move beyond this, look further adjust your focus and then notice that you are moving from selling to your clients to being a business that connects with their clients and attracts people into the business.

The clients are moving themselves to buy from you instead of you selling to them.

Let’s face it, when it comes to marketing your business these days it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd – research has shown that consumers are exposed to some 3,000 advertising messages per day.

So how do you “cut through the clutter”, get noticed and attract new clients? Simple. Be different, be accessible and be known because in today’s marketplace the ability to interact with clients or prospects one-on-one has never been easier.

“A business without clients is nothing; a business that does not know who its clients are is very busy selling a small amount of product.”

Human nature demands that buyers always want to make the best decision possible. Marketing and advertising should always get the attention of the target market, facilitate their decision-making process, and lower the risk of taking the next step in the selling process. Value based marketing is about building a relationship with your prospect.

The benefit is, you will be able to increase your profits while others are looking for the scraps. By increasing your profits are you are putting yourself in the position of having the lifestyle you are working towards with the rewards you know you deserve.

Here is an exercise for you to follow through on; Determine the words that your customers use to describe you to others.

  • How do they think about you?
  • How do they think about your products?
  • How do they think about your services?
  • How do they think about your company overall?

 The question is: “Do you know?”

Do a SWOT analysis exercise to discover your exact position in your marketplace. Then decide what you could do to take maximum advantage of it and connect with your potential and current client’s.

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Stop Selling, Start Connecting With Marketing That Attracts


Peter Blasch