Maverick mentoring - Client Attraction Matrix

Brand and Marketing strategies are essential for building your presence in the marketplace. The Client attraction Matrix shows you how you to build your image and communicate with your clients. This is the key for successfully growing your business.  Get focused on building your client list, while doing this, your client’s become raving fans who want to share their success with other people.

Let’s face it, when it comes to marketing your business these days it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd – research has shown that consumers are exposed to some 3,000 advertising messages per day.

 “A business without clients is nothing; a business that does not know who its clients are is very busy selling a small amount of product”

So how do you “cut through the clutter”, get noticed and attract new clients? Simple. Be different, be accessible and be known because in today’s marketplace the ability to interact with clients or prospects one-on-one has never been easier.

Your client’s have certain questions going on inside them that you need to be able to answer if you hope to engage with them. These questions are on their minds all through your sales process:

  1. What is your business?
  2. What is it that you do?
  3. Why should I care?

 The answer to these questions and how you communicate them should be covered in every touch-point in your sales process, this is a major part of gaining market share today.

From websites to networking events, you need to consistently let people know who you are and how what you do is different from others. It’s about understanding your business value proposition like never before and making sure each communication reinforces this.

Maverick Mentoring has developed the Client Attraction Matrix, it is focused on improving the conversation you have in the market place:

  1. Let them know you are here
  2. You have products that will benefit them
  3. Make them secretly pleased for discovering you

The time and culture of the market place is changing, those of you who are astute, those of you who want your business to make a difference in your life and the lives’ of your clients are the ones who will continue to move forward and be ahead of the sales curve.

The benefit is, you will be able to increase your profits while others are looking for the scraps. By increasing your profits are you are putting yourself in the position of having the lifestyle you are working towards with the rewards you know you deserve.

  • The Client Attraction Matrix is designed to give you the tools to know your clients.
  • The Client Attraction Matrix enables you to build a Business that your clients will have an experience with.
  • Your clients will connect with you and become raving fans of your service and products.
  • A business that understands and appreciates people, a business that wants to give its clients an experience for their purchase will continue to grow and boom”

Leading the market has nothing to do with your Products, ultimately it will get down to your communication and engagement with your client’s all through the Sales Process.

 What is the next step for you?

  1. Research your target audience
  2. Understand how they see themselves
  3. Leverage their beliefs about who they are in your messaging

Let’s connect  and start the conversation about your marketing Strategy and how you are attracting client’s into your Business.

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