Starting a business on your own can be very intimidating, and possibly overwhelming at some points. Maverick Mentoring understands this, and have offered many business tips & advice for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners to grow their business & achieve great success since day 1.

In this blog, we will talk about the 3 very important things that all Entrepreneurs & Business Owners must always remember to become successful.


  1. Be Professional

You are running a business, so behave like the Expert, and promote yourself accordingly. Make changes to your email address or phone’s voice message to make them more professional and businesslike.

First and foremost, never use a Hotmail address to send business emails. A Hotmail account is the account dedicated to daily emails & website subscriptions. Create a new business-related email address and use that for business emails & digital exchanges. You can create more email addresses as your business grow, but start with a professional one first.

About your phone’s voice message, make sure that you have a “business message” on your phone. For those who work from a home office, check your voice message to know for sure that it’s not one created by your children.

  1. Promote Two Or More Things At Once is A No-no

Promoting 2 or more things at once is a great strategy when you want to confuse the market & your customers. I understand that you have a lot to offer for your customers or clients, but please, don’t try to shove all that in their face at once. The mind stops working the moment it starts to get confused, which means that the customer will not buy anything from you if they are in a confused state of mind.

When you promote more than 1 thing at once, you yourself will also be confused and lose track of your priorities. To avoid this situation from happening, start by identifying your cash cow. That is, the fastest path to cash first, then focus on promoting that and that alone. Stay focused on one thing at a time, and you will be amazed by the results you get.

  1. Positive Vibes Only!

I might sound silly here, but I believe positive vibes are at the root of an Entrepreneur’s success. When you are surrounded by positive vibes, all that happiness will come pouring back into your life and change your perspective on life, making you more confident and focused on achieving great success with your business.

To eliminate bad vibes, surround yourself with people who inspire you and make you feel better. Negative thoughts & mediocre habits can rub off on you, so be careful with your daily interactions!

The most important thing you must remember is to not compare yourself with others. The moment you start doing that, you will start to doubt your abilities & your chance of success, and everything will go right downhill from there.

Remember: the level of success people project in public is often a fairy tale version of what is really going on, so don’t ever feel intimidated by that. Focus all your energy on growing yourself into a great Entrepreneur, and celebrate your own progress and success.


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